Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get Sponsored Skateboarding

In the world of outside sports many young people are attracted to riding skateboards. While a lot of people will ride their boards in their own neighborhoods, more and more people are flocking to the recent proliferation of public skate parks. The reason for this is because at these parks, there are many different features that will allow a rider to work on his skill set like the ollie, kick flip and many other tricks. Because of the many different hills, ramps and rails that a skateboard rider can try out, a rider will never find himself bored with the park. It is here that a skateboard rider will find it easier to get sponsored skateboarding because this is where the scouts go to see who may be the next up and coming skateboard pro. This is where bgsevenfold.com comes in. What we do in this arena is to help you to get sponsored skateboarding by putting you in front of as many sponsors as possible. Getting your face in front of the manufacturers and skate shops and showing o ff your skill is what it is all about if you are looking to get sponsored in this sport. You can send your material to the people you want to sponsor you and it may be reviewed but know that they receive a lot of people trying to do the same thing every day. So what sets us apart? Simply put, we have the resources and tools to keep you in front of the people you would like to get sponsored by. We put you in their face almost every day. Our service is designed so that sponsors will see you instead of you hoping that they find you. This method of in your face marketing will surely increase your chances of picking up a sponsor.